[needling and rolling]

There’s a treatment I absolutely believe in for my skin and my client’s skin involving tiny needles that pierce the skin at up to 1,000 little holes per second. Sounds torturous, right? Not at all! When done properly, this technique is an excellent alternative to laser treatments/chemical peels used for skin tightening, anti-aging, acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. There are two different methods to this madness, micro needling and derma rolling.

What’s the difference between the two methods? 

Micro Needling - an automated pen-like machine with 8-10 fine, disposable, oscillating needles with sizes varying between 0.25mm-3.0mm in a speedy rotation that puncture vertically in a stamp-like motion into the skin. This method is only recommended to be administered by a skincare professional. There is little to no downtime for this procedure because of the precision and clinical aftercare received. 

Derma Rolling - a handheld device shaped as a cylindrical drum studded with micro-needles that is rolled into the skin. Each device comes with different sized needles ranging from 0.25mm-3.0mm. This method can be used at-home, if used properly. This device needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Expect some downtime for needles longer than .33 as there is a higher chance of bleeding/discomfort because of the slanted motion that could potentially create bending, tearing and trenches in the skin. 

So why are we poking holes in our skin? The common theory between these two methods of magic is that when the skin is punctured or pierced, it then signals the fibers into a “healing phase” to produce more collagen. It stimulates billions of fiber blasts beneath the superficial layer of skin to enhance thickness and create an obvious glow. The other stellar benefit is that during and after treatments, the skin receives maximum absorption and efficacy of products. For best results; stick to only using hyaluronic acids, healing botanicals and stem cells post-treatment. Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, and Glycolic Acid should be used prior or as a prep and fully neutralized/absorbed before punching any holes.  


Our skin is only around 1.0mm thick, and the skin around the eyes is even less thick at .25mm. 


In the same fashion that I never recommend people regularly administer extractions at-home, I wouldn’t recommend derma-rolling regularly. Unless you are using a roller that is no more than .33 with the intent of allowing your products to penetrate more readily and ultimately work better; investing in professional micro needling treatments is the way to go. In addition, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of cleanliness and moderation if you do go the derma-rolling route. No matter how many needles or blades (dermaplaning) I encourage to be a part of your treatment regimen - beauty is NOT pain and if it hurts, it’s probably hurting your skin more than helping you glow. Questions? Feel free to reach out via e-mail anytime: agelessashley@gmail.com