Typically, when women hear the words “scalpel”, or “blade” when talking about their face or removing the hair on their face, many questions and concerns are sure to follow.  In this blog post, I’d like to address some of those and explain the incredible benefits of a treatment called Dermaplaning - a safe, non-invasive professional exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus Hair (aka; peach fuzz) and the superficial layer of dead skin using a surgical 10 blade scalpel to gently “shave” the skin’s surface.

The number one concern from clients is unsurprisingly whether or not the Vellus Hair will grow back thicker, and the answer is a simple and absolute no.  It is physiologically impossible for this kind of hair to grow back thicker, as the structure itself differs completely from Terminal Hair (aka; thicker, coarse hair).  Many women are delightfully satisfied once the Vellus Hair is removed, especially if it’s darker.  You’ll notice an instant complexion brightening and overall youthful glow.  Another benefit of removing Vellus Hair hair is that it tends to collects dirt and excess oil that sits on the surface of your skin collecting over time, sometimes even causing blackheads or invading the pores.  Conclusively, a regular removal of Vellus Hair on the face is an excellent anti-aging treatment in this regard as it will keep your pores free of excess oil and in turn keep them small while simultaneously preventing premature wrinkles.

It’s common and highly beneficial to compliment a Dermaplaning treatment with a Chemical Peel immediately following.  Once your skin is prepped and free from the little white hairs hiding and sometimes masking your skin’s natural glow, the acids in a light percentage Chemical Peel are able to penetrate the pores easier and therefore work more effectively to accomplish an even deeper exfoliation/brightening treatment.

As with any facial treatment, aftercare is essential.  Think of your time in the treatment room like your skin’s time at the gym.  Just like your body, if you’re not on the proper diet and nutrition at home - it’s unlikely for results to have a lasting effect or for your skin to transform or progress from whatever issues concern you; whether it be aging, acne, dryness, or excessive oil production.  Talk with your Aesthetician (me!) about your home regimen and the products your skin will love.