[pore play down]

Usually when I tell people that my job involves skincare, they get really awkward and try to get a good amount of distance between my eyeballs and their face to prevent me from giving them a make-over in my mind.  Then the conversation,  if they care to discuss the issues they have with their skin (we've all got 'em!), shifts to pore size:

 "I've noticed my pores are getting bigger as I get older.",
"My pores have always been big.",
"What can I do to get smaller pores?",
"Will your products/ facials help minimize my pores?",

The biggest honesty regarding this topic is that pore size is GENERALLY genetic (another issue to thank your parents for, yay!).  If you've always suffered from large pores, you're always going to be dealing with them.  The good news is that there are things you can do to minimize the appearance of your pores, even if you can't actually change the size of them permanently. If you've developed large pores over the years, it's probably due to lifestyle.  When a lot of oil or dead skin cells accumulate in the skin, it stretches the pore size and makes them look bigger than they actually are, or have the potential of being.  If you're genetically lucky and once had small pores, consider the rest of this article as a gift.

My best advice is the DON'TS: 

Don't waste your money on pore-minimizing creams from cosmetic companies. Most of these products contain chemicals that could be aggressive and strip your skin of necessary protective oils causing it to hyper-produce oil and become counterproductive to the product's intention.
Don't go to bed with make-up on. Don't work out with make-up on. Don't steam or expose your Skin to heat or sun with make-up on.
When your skin heats up, your pores open up and become vulnerable. This means it's likely that the pores will easily trap dirt, oil, bacteria and make-up. 

A pore is shaped like an ice-cream cone - as you work your way down from the beginning, it gets smaller. The stuff surrounding the pore is collagen + elasticity. The more collagen, the stronger the elasticity, and the less clogged the pore is(by oil + bacteria) - the smaller the pore appears. 

To keep your pores clean and as small as they can be:

Schedule professional extractions and/or treatments every 4-8 weeks as to not overdo it and prompt your skin into overproduction mode. 
Once you have a professional treatment, I, or your other less incredible Aesthetician, can guide and advise you on how much exfoliation you need at home and prescribe a custom regimen + products.  The benefits of regular facials are endless. If you'd like a complimentary consultation you can reach me here.
Seal + protect your skin from excessive UV rays, environment (especially if you're traveling a lot), and climate.
It's a myth that cold water will shrink your pores permanently, however - sealing them and protecting them are majorly important factors for locking in moisture to preserve and stimulate collagen fibers while simultaneously strengthening the elasticity in your skin.  The best way you can achieve this is by moisturizing and using a physical SPF.  Physical properties in SPF are otherwise know as either Zinc or Titanium Dioxide.  Any other "active" ingredient that is not natural and hard to pronounce will likely be a chemical ingredient.