My Story

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I grew up watching my already angelic looking Mother spend hours in front of the mirror primping. Her skin was just like her Mother's - flawlessly porcelain. Still, a drawer full of make-up would make it's way out in the boudoir each day. She embodies the definition of a refined beauty in every way possible, even to this day. The women in my family are exquisite. They are solely responsible for the moral compass of my career's foundation. Without their constant display of inner beauty and compassion shining out for a duration of my entire life, I would not have the strong and unyielding ambition to help others achieve their own beauty from the inside out. My Mother's forbearing heart and my Grandmother's benevolent spirit particularly have much more to do with my journey than any other variable that has lead me to where I am today.

In 2006 I began my career as a skin care professional in a medical spa performing treatments such as chemical peels, laser hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, etc. . Anti-aging became a strong interest as I helped women, like my Mother, refine their beauty and extend a youthful appearance for as long as possible. For the following five years I worked in medical spas and clinical settings learning "that" end of correcting and beautifying. Something that left me in a single word, unsatisfied.

I lived in a desert climate where dehydration and lifestyle are the primary reasons why women age. I was ready for a change, so in 2011 I moved to San Francisco, CA where my real journey began. A more holistic approach to skin care lead me to leaving a final client base of 150+ at the medical spa where my fundamental understanding of results oriented treatments developed. I was eager to explore another avenue and ready to begin in a new direction on the opposite end of the skincare spectrum.

Serendipitously, I was quickly offered the opportunity to work in various bay area renowned wellness settings before landing at an elite health club where I maintained a clientele of 55+ in my first year and lead a team of 4 other skin care professionals. From there, I began my journey as an educator while still maintaining a hefty clientele performing custom facials, waxing, etc.

Now specializing in wellness education, make-up artistry, full body waxing, cosmeceutical ingredient knowledge, eyebrow design, eyelash extensions, & nutrition -- this website is intended to serve as my portfolio display & educational record.