Ashley N. Curtis
Beauty + Wellness Expert


"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


 My philosophy revolves around maintaining beauty from the inside out and with a clinical background in Aesthetics I am absorbed in perfecting the harmony between eastern and western anti-aging methods. I enjoy providing in-depth knowledge about skin and it’s functions - whether problematic, aging, or in need of special maintenance.

Possessing an infinite thirst for knowledge regarding the science behind skin care and throughout my experience learning various techniques toward both a holistic and clinical approach; I attend advanced training regularly and never skip a beat in the beauty world. CIDESCO Certified and Internationally Licensed for eight+ years with the natural flair for achieving a tranquil spa experience. Expert in: correcting and beautifying skin with an attentive + individualistic technique, laser therapy, eyelash extensions, eyebrow design, cosmeceutical ingredient knowledge, wellness education, acne & anti-aging.

Blending the art of science and nature for optimal skin health is my specialty. It has lead me toward a very personal journey of defining and creating beauty, proven to me thus far to be deeply enriching and endlessly worthwhile.